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DISH is proud to welcome WeatherNation to our channel lineup in America’s Top 120 and above! With in-depth local, regional, and national weather news, WeatherNation on Channel 215, is now your destination for your weather needs.

All Weather, All the Time

Whether you’re in the eye of a severe storm or you just want to check the local forecast, WeatherNation will be there. WeatherNation provides the latest weather news and information at all times, day or night. With its team of experienced and certified meteorologists utilizing only the most trustworthy weather data sources, you’ll find comfort knowing the information you receive is credible, accurate and trustworthy.

Local Weather at your Fingertips

We know how important weather in your area is. WeatherNation does too.

Use the award-winning WeatherNation app on most receivers to instantly get local weather updates whenever you need them. To learn how to use the app on Hopper receivers, click here. For other receivers, click here.