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Voice Remote

Change the way you watch TV with a new and intuitive voice experience, complete with customizable buttons and backlit keys.

Packed with the latest voice-recognition technology, our new Voice Remote was designed to make TV easy. Voice functionality available with internet-connected Hopper family of DVRs or Wally receiver.

Remote Control 54.0

Voice Commands

Just say what’s on your mind to browse your channel guide, record programs, go to Netflix, see On Demand shows, and more.

An internet connected Hopper-family receiver is required for voice command functionality. See how to connect your receiver to the internet.



"Hasta la vista, baby"
"Denver Broncos"
"Fixer Upper"

Changing the Channel

"Go to Channel 140"
"Tune to Showtime"
"Go to Home and Garden Television"


"Open Guide"
"Live TV"

Transport Controls

"Skip forward"
"Play" or "Stop"

Launching Apps

"Go to Netflix"
"Open Weather"
"On Demand"

Natural Language

"What live sports are on now?"
"On Demand shows on HGTV"
"Show me movies on now"

Changing Settings

"Picture in Picture"
"Closed Captioning"
"Record this"


"Audio Description off"
"Magnification on"
"Text to Speech on"

See more Voice Commands

Backlit Keys


Your keypad illuminates automatically whenever you pick up your remote in a dark setting.

Remote locator working from behind a couch cushion

Remote Locator

Simply push a button on your DVR and your remote will beep and blink to help you find it.


Program hot keys to launch Netflix, record shows, turn on closed captioning, and more.

Controlling your TV just got easier.

Connecting your receiver to the internet gives you access to lots of added features, like Voice Commands and On Demand Content. See how to get connected:


Go to Settings in the Menu.


Select Internet


Connect to your wi-fi.

See the full guide to getting connected

Want a Voice Remote but Don't Have a Hopper® or Wally?


Contact us today to upgrade your equipment. Fee(s) will apply.

Netflix requires Hopper w/ Sling, Hopper 3, or Wally, and streaming Netflix membership. Learn more about Netflix

Kevin Dykstra’s workroom. Tools and Civil War paraphernalia litter the place.

Kevin Dykstra is seen poring over a map, surrounded by books and a pinboard full of ideas.

Marty Lagina enters. ID MARTY: Marty Lagina, Curse of Oak Island Treasure Hunter.

MARTY: Have you found the gold, yet, partner?

KEVIN: We're still searching, Marty…

MARTY: Who’s he?

Camera whips around and we see a cool, young kid watching an episode of Curse of Civil War Gold on TV.

KEVIN: That’s Gary, our new researcher.

GARY: MARTY! Have you tried searching with DISH yet?

MARTY: Well no, but–

GARY: Watch this… [speaks into remote] "Marty Lagina.’

GARY: You can search by actor, show or channel. Using your voice remote, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

ANNOUNCER: With DISH, discovering new content or finding your favorite shows is easy.

MARTY: But what about finding the gold?

GARY: Right! I'm thinking it's located in THIS general area.

ANNOUNCER: The Curse of Civil War Gold. Tuesdays at 10 on HISTORY.

Jonathan: Channel 112 or is it 2… 12?

Drew: It’s here!

Jonathan: Is that the…?

Drew: The new voice remote from DISH. You can find shows, channels and movies with simple voice commands. HGTV.

Both: Hah!

Drew: This has made my voice more powerful than ever!

Jonathan: Let me try. Property Brothers. Nice!

Drew: Here actually, I have another one. Favorite brother. Drew!

Jonathan: Jonathan Scott!

Drew: Nobody cares.

Jonathan: Everybody likes Jonathan Scott.

Drew: Nobody likes Jonathan. Hey, it lights up!

Jonathan: We’re going to need the light to fix that.

Narrator: Property Brothers: Buying and Selling, Wednesday nights at 9 on HGTV.

Woman: The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey: Ahhhh… What the…?

Woman: Negan?

Jeffrey: Jeffrey… I just play Negan. Where’d the walkers go?

Woman: This DISH Voice Remote is incredible!

Jeffrey: Come again?

Woman: So you say a show name, channel or an actor and then it just appears. That thing's fantastic.

Jeffrey: Let’s see some walkers.

Woman: Wait, here?

Jeffrey: On the TV, darlin.

Narrator: The Walking Dead, Sundays at 9 on AMC.

Student 1: How do we find what we’re searching for, sensei?

Sensei: The answer is… in your DISH Voice Remote.

Michelangelo: Cowabunga!

Students: Whoa.

Turtles: Cool.

Sensei: You try.

Student 2: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Turtles: Whoa… Nice work!

Sensei: And now… in the dark!

Raphael: Awesome.

Narrator: Ninja training is hard, but with the DISH Voice Remote, watching what you want is easy. Watch Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon.