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Voice Remote

Special Price | $30
Featuring a large, lighted touchpad and the latest voice-recognition technology, the Voice Remote provides complete control over your TV, making it a more natural, effortless experience. Available exclusively with the Hopper 3 Whole-Home HD DVR and 4K Joey.
front view of voice remote


Voice Search

The Voice Remote allows you to surf the channels or search for your favorite programming all by simply speaking to the remote. It features advanced voice-recognition technology, making it easier than ever to enjoy your TV experience.

Internet connectivity required for voice search functionality.

Clickable Touchpad

The clickable touchpad in the center of the remote allows for easy navigation. It responds to swipe and scroll gestures as well as clicking anywhere on the touchpad to select a specific command.

Backlit Keys

The dynamic touchpad can illuminate a numeric keypad by simply selecting the 123 button on the remote. In addition, the small Backlighting key on the right side of the remote illuminates the keys for ease of use while in the dark.

Remote Locator

The Voice Remote features a locate remote function that, when activated, causes the remote to emit audible noises and flashing lights. With this feature, you will no longer waste time searching for your remote.

Voice Command Examples

The voice control on the Voice Remote makes navigating through the Hopper system a breeze.

"Action movies starring Steven Seagal"

"On Demand"

"Tune to channel 140"

"Tune to HBO"

"Record this"

When watching a show

"Game of Thrones"

Introduction to the Voice Remote
Voice Remote for Movie Lovers
Voice Remote for Sports Fans
Voice Remote for Streaming Content
Parental Controls with the Voice Remote

Program your Remote

Using your Voice Remote for the first time? Learn how to program it to control your DISH receiver and your TV.

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