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Replacement Remote

Does "anyone know where the remote is?" sound familiar? If your remote gets lost, stepped on or buried by the dog in the backyard, order a spare remote today.


UHF Remote Antenna

Experiencing interference with your UHF remote? The UHF Remote Antenna extends the remote antenna away from the receiver to allow it to function normally.


Connectivity Devices

If your receiver isn’t connected via the Internet or phone line, you’re missing out! Purchase a compatible connectivity device today to make sure you’re receiving the latest software updates and getting access to exclusive Internet-connected extras. Learn More

Wi-Fi Broadband Connector

Powerline Broadband Connector

Joey Bluetooth Adapter

Powerline Phone Connector

Over-the-Air Devices

Integrate free over-the-air channels into your DISH programming guide with our Over-the-Air Module or USB Adapter. Requires an Over-the-Air Antenna (not available for purchase through the DISH Store).

Over-the-Air Module

Over-the-Air USB Adapter

Smart Home Services

Didn’t find what you’re looking for here? DISH Smart Home Services brings you even more TV accessories, as well as professional installation services courtesy of our expert DISH technicians. Learn More