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Love games? We have interactive games for everyone on Games Channel 96. No extra equipment is needed for hours of entertainment. The 4 Pack lets you choose 4 of the packs below for $6/mo. Or get them all for $10/mo. with the Super Saver!

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Games Channel 96


Family Pack

Play games you know and love, no on your TV. A modern twist on your classic favorites.

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Adventure Land

Awaken the adventurer inside you! Embark on quests in hundreds of levels of action and adventure.

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Hunting Trails

Hunt big game without leaving your living room. Enjoy multiple zones and beautiful locations with elk, deer and more.

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire

You've enjoyed watching it on TV - now, play it on TV. Answer hundreds of questions and participate in rewarding competitions.

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Hit Games

Take great card games, add Slingo®, sprinkle in word games and top off with Text Twist for a recipe of fun!

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Brain Teasers

Challenge your mind with a mix of strategic puzzle and thinking games! You'll love the hours of mind-boggling entertainment these games provide.

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Action Pack

Entertaining, edge of the couch, hands glued to the remote action. These games will keep you coming back for more.

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Sports Arena

Better than a front row seat – now you're part of the action. Become a soccer champion, baseball hero, tennis legend and more.

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KidsWise® is not just for kids anymore! Games for all ages from Age 9 – 99!

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Board & Cards

Play alone or challenge your friends. Find your favorite classic board and card games here.

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Trivia Pack

Show your friends and family how much you know. Answer tons of fun and challenging questions in different trivia games.

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