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Latino Packages

DishLATINO offers you the best in Spanish and English programming. With DishLATINO, you will have access to your favorite soccer and sports, novelas, movies, news, music, and entertainment in both Spanish and English.

Sí Your Favorite TV...

Add a little Spanish flavor to your TV programming with DishLATINO. With DishLATINO you'll get all the culture and color of Latin America without missing a minute of your favorite English shows and channels.

In Spanish...

You can enjoy the most complete Spanish language package for the whole family, plus your local channels starting at $29.99 a month.

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And English...

Enjoy the best of both worlds with DishLATINO Dos and Max-a perfect blend of Spanish and English programming for families that are bilingual or those who just want to sample entertainment and programming from a variety of cultures and continents.

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Find Out More In Spanish

Visit for more information in Spanish.
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A La Carte

Get the best of both worlds by adding the Latino Bonus Pack to your core programming. Enjoy more than 34 channels in Spanish including ESPN Deportes, History En Español, Telemundo, Discovery En Español, TV Española and many more.

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