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DOGTV is a TV channel for dogs.

A trusted source of scientifically developed content for dogs, DOGTV is organized into relaxing, stimulating, and exposure segments to provide just the right balance for the daily routines of our beloved “stay-at-home” pups.

Channel 285 SD
DOG TV for $4.99 per month
DOGTV’s revolutionary content is designed for a dog’s visual, auditory, and emotional sensibility.

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Welcome to DOGTV

Dogs and owners may be alike in many ways, but when it comes to watching TV, there are some important differences. Find out why your dog will love DOGTV’s canine-friendly content with a rich world of sound and motion.

two dogs on the bed watching TV on a laptop

What’s so special about DOGTV?

DOGTV keeps your dog company when you're away from home. With the television on, the dog will feel less alone, and therefore will feel better. DOGTV is the perfect babysitter for your dog!

Frenchie dog holding a bucket of popcorn, cup of soda, and movie ticket

But my dog isn’t really into TV…

DOGTV isn’t made to turn your dog into a couch potato, sitting all day with the remote and popcorn! It’ll keep them company when they're home alone with the right sounds and images to keep them happy and relaxed.

Aussie shepherd dog

Why do dog parents need DOGTV?

Dogs left home alone for hours get lonely, stressed, and anxious. Help your dog be happier with the right audiovisual therapy – that's what DOGTV’s scientifically designed content is for!