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Looking for Hopper (Error 1303)

What Is Happening?

A "Looking for Hopper" error (1303) is displaying

screen showing Attention 1303 pop-up

Why Is It Happening?

This problem is typically caused by communication errors between the Joey and Hopper.

How Do I Fix It?

Resolve this issue by completing all the steps below:

  1. Has your Hopper or Joey been moved or cables changed?

    DISH receivers need to be in the original location where our technician installed it. If you've changed the cable connections or moved the receiver, you have two options:

    You can move the DISH receiver and cables back to their original configuration.
    If you need the receiver to be installed at the new location, contact us.

    Back of DISH receiver Back of DISH Joey receiver
  2. Ensure Access Point has power (Wireless Joey only)

    If you have a Wireless Joey, check the Access Point by the Hopper; make sure it is powered on.

    If the Access Point will not power on, contact us.

    If you don't have a Wireless Joey then you won't have an Access Point, so don't worry about this step.

  3. Access Whole Home screen on the Joey

    Press the Guide button on your DISH remote.

    Guide button on 52.0 remote
    Guide button on 40.0 remote

    Program Guide on screen, with DISH logo in upper left corner

    If your remote has a HOME button, press HOME three times. If your remote has a MENU button instead, press MENU two times.

    Scroll down to Whole Home.

    Home button on 52.0 remote (first button in first row of four buttons)
    Menu button on 40.0 remote

    Whole Home Diagnostics menu on screen

  4. Link to the Hopper

    Under Detected Devices, scroll down to the Hopper this Joey should be linked to then press Select on the DISH remote.

    If the Hopper isn't listed under Detected Devices, skip this step.

    list of detected devices
  5. Reset your Hopper

    Go to the room with the main Hopper receiver. On the front of your Hopper, hold the Reset button down for about 5 seconds.

    The reset process may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

    Reset button on front of receiver
  6. Reset your Joey

    Go to the room with the smaller Joey receiver. On the front of the Joey, hold the Power button down for about 5 seconds.

    The reset process may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

    Reset button on front of Joey
  7. Contact Us

    Please contact us for further assistance. Our technical experts will confirm the steps you've done and continue troubleshooting with additional steps.