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External hard drives formatted for use with a DISH receiver should only be used with a compatible DISH receiver. If you connect your external hard drive to a non-DISH device and then reconnect it to your DISH receiver you may lose any programs saved to your external hard drive.

1.Press the MENU button the the remote
The "Main Menu" screen should display

2.Select "Multimedia"

The "Multimedia" screen should display

3.Select "My Media"

The "My Media" screen should display

4.Select "Send to Device"


The "My Recordings to My Media" screen should display

5.Select the event to transfer to your EHD

6.Select "To Archive" 

"Attention 848" should display
7.When the transfer is complete, "Attention 862" should display. Select "Done" to finish. 

This message displays over the video if the transfer completes while watching TV