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The Over-the-Air (OTA) Module allows you to connect an over-the-air antenna like a pair of rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna to a compatible receiver model (222k, 722k, and 922). To determine if you have a compatible DISH Network receiver, check the model name on the front of your receiver or go to By connecting an over-the-air antenna, your DISH Network receiver will be able to view and, in the case of the 722k and 922, record additional locals channels in your area. Visit to purchase an Over-The-Air Module.


  1. Locate the cover on the left side of the back panel on your DISH Network receiver. Using a Phillips head screwdriver remove the two screws attaching the cover to the receiver. You can dispose of the cover, but you will need the screws for the next step.
  2. Carefully slide the Over-The-Air Module into the module port, making sure the labeling on the module is right-side up. Attach the module using the two screws that were removed in the previous step.

    OTA Module - Installation
  3. Connect the cable from your over-the-air antenna to the OVER-THE-AIR ANTENNA IN port on the module.

    OTA Module - Connections