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After physically connecting the External Hard Drive (EHD) to the receiver and plugging in the power supply, follow these instructions to properly configure

Configure External Hard Drives

1. "Attention 787" should display. Select "OK" to continue.
Call 1-888-241-2205 and follow the prompts to activate the External Hard Drive functionality. A one-time setup fee of $40 will be added to your account.

2. Once activated, "Warning 865" should display on the TV screen asking to format the external hard drive. This will permanently delete all content that is saved on the external hard drive. Select "Yes" if you want to delete all of the content on the external hard drive.

External hard drives formatted for use with a DISH receiver should only be used with a compatible DISH receiver. If you connect your external hard drive to a non-DISH device and then reconnect it to your DISH receiver you may lose any programs saved to your external hard drive.
3. You are now able to record live TV. Use the DVR buttons on your remote control. The DVR menu will display. For more information, see How To DVR/Create Timers.