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HD Pay-Per-View movies are located on channels 502 through 522. SD Pay-Per-View movies are located on channels 526 through 530.

Movies are available to be rented by remote, through the MyDISH App, online at, by texting MOVIE to 34741¹, or by calling 1-877-DISH PPV (1-877-347-4778). Once rented, All Day DISH Tickets for Pay-Per-View movies are available for up to 24 hours.

Some Pay-Per-View movies will be identified as "Limited Recording" on the rental screen. These movies can still be recorded on your DVR, but you will have a limited time frame to watch the movie.

All Day DISH Ticket

The enhanced All Day DISH Ticket (ADDT) allows you access to Pay-Per-View programs for up to an entire day on every channel that program is playing on. Movies and events on ADDT channels are shown for up to 24 hours beginning anywhere from 5:00am ET to 6:30am ET (depending on the channel) and ending at the same time the following morning. This means that if you order a film at 1:00 PM on channel 503, you will be able to watch it as many times as it airs through 5:30 AM EST the next morning.

¹ Up to 5 msgs. Msg & Data rates may apply. For additional help text HELP to DISH1 (34741) or call 800-333-DISH. Text STOP to DISH1 (34741) to opt out of text notifications. See terms & conditions and our mobile privacy policy. Phone used for text ordering must be associated with DISH account. Visit to add up to two phone numbers to your account.