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Voicemail to Email

Stay connected even when you can’t take a call. Our system can convert your voicemail messages to audio files and deliver to the email address of your choice. As long as your computer/tablet/smart phone can play audio files, you can listen to your voicemails no matter where you are. To set up voicemail email delivery:

  1. Access the Voicemail Portal
  2. Log in using your telephone number and voice messaging password. The default voicemail password is 9999.
    DISH voicemail portal login form
  3. Click the Configure Email Delivery button
    DISH voicemail portal Services screen with button to configure email delivery
  4. Click the On button for the email delivery status
    DISH voicemail portal showing options to set email delivery on or off
  5. Enter the email address you would like messages delivered to
    DISH voicemail portal showing field to enter email address
  6. Click the Save button to save changes
    Please allow up to 24 hours for changes to take effect
    DISH voicemail portal showing Save button