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DISH High-Speed Internet modems are not Wi-Fi enabled and do not come with a router. You can purchase the router (with installation, and setup of the network) from $49. As there are many routers on the market, an exhaustive compatibility list is not possible and DISH cannot guarantee that your router will work with the dishNET High-Speed Satellite Internet modem. DISH modems are only available for lease.

Satellite Dish

The satellites used for DISH High-Speed Internet and those used for DISH TV are located in different orbital locations, requiring two separate dishes to be pointed in each direction.


A standard DISH High-Speed Internet installation can take up to four hours to complete. This includes the installation of the aforementioned specialized dish, modem, and wiring. Self-installations are not permitted as the installation requires specially trained technicians and highly technical equipment. If you’re planning to have DISH TV and DISH High-Speed Internet installed at the same time, each service may need up to four hours for installation. Whether you schedule your DISH High-Speed Internet installation before or after your DISH TV installation, you will still receive a bundle discount provided you are subscribed to America’s Top 120 or higher, DishLATINO Clasico or higher, or Flex Pack.