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Internet Security | Identity Protection | Tech Support

Get peace of mind with top-of-the-line tech support combined with varying levels of anti-virus and identity protection.

What is DISH Protect?

We created DISH Protect because we know life happens. We've partnered with industry leaders like EZShield, Webroot, and Asurion to offer top-of-the-line tech support combined with varying levels of anti-virus and identity protection. With Silver, Gold, and Platinum protection plans available, you can choose the level of protection and technical support that’s right for you.

Program Terms and Conditions

What's Included in DISH Protect?

$10 Technician Visit

(included in all DISH Protect plans)

Get discounted in-home service visits for any customer care work order. Ordinarily $95, DISH Protect subscribers pay only $10 per visit and get free shipping on all replacement DISH equipment.

10% Smart Home Services Discount

(included in all DISH Protect plans)

Receive 10% off all DISH Smart Home Services, including TV installation, sound bars, mesh Wi-Fi, and more. DISH Smart Home Services bring you in-home solutions to create an amazing entertainment experience. No more agonizing over complicated installation manuals that might as well be written in gibberish – our professionally-trained technicians are installation experts and they're here to help. See some of our most popular Smart Home Services.

Identity Recovery

(included in all DISH Protect plans)

EZShield handles the resolution of stolen credit cards, breached data, fraud or identity theft.

Visit EZShield’s DISH Portal or call 888-628-0021 to use this service.

EZShield Terms and Conditions

Identity Recovery (Limited Power of Attorney)

If Identity Recovery is necessary, EZShield will assist with the recovery on your behalf through a Limited Power of Attorney. The Limited Power of Attorney will provide EZShield Resolution Specialists access to only the records that are involved in resolving your case. Providing a Limited Power of Attorney is only required if you would like our Resolution Specialists to work on your behalf instead of just advising you on how to resolve issues yourself.

Start Identity Recovery

EZShield has 24/7 Customer Support and Resolution Specialists are available from 8:00am - 8:00pm ET Monday - Friday. Call 888-628-0021.

Identity Protection

(included in DISH Protect Gold and Platinum plans)

EZShield handles the resolution of stolen credit cards, breached data, fraud or identity theft with 24/7 support. Plus, get Identity Protection with alerts when your personal data is in jeopardy and access to a digital vault to save important documents and passwords.

Visit EZShield’s DISH Portal for more information or to create your EZShield online account.

EZShield Terms and Conditions

Securely Stored Identity Information

EZShield will securely store the following items:

  • 1 individual's name
  • 1 street address
  • 3 telephone numbers
  • 1 Social Security Number
  • Up to 10 email addresses
  • Up to 10 bank accounts and credit/debit cards
  • Up to 10 medical ID cards
  • Up to 5 passports

Monitoring and Alerts

EZShield proactively monitors the dark web for signs of customer information vulnerability. "CyberScan" searches thousands of dark web chat rooms, websites, databases, and forums to determine if a customer’s personal information has been compromised. More information and the opportunity to subscribe to additional monitoring services is available at EZShield’s DISH Portal.

You will receive an immediate email notification if your information has been identified being traded on the dark web. In addition, if you have no changes during the month, we will send a courtesy email reminding you that the service is still active on your behalf and point you to educational information about identity theft prevention and trends.

Additional Online Tools

EZShield also offers additional online tools and a mobile app which includes:

  • Online Wallet
  • Secure Password Storage
  • Breach Alerts
  • Newsletters/Online Education

Dashboard, Login, and Password

If you cannot log in to your dashboard, you will need to call 888-628-0021 to speak to a Resolution Specialist to identify the specific problem and a solution. If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page, select “Forgot ID or Forgot Password” and answer the security question. You will receive a new, one-time password via email. You should then log in and change your password.

Webroot Cybersecurity and Anti-Virus

(included in DISH Protect Gold and Platinum plans)

Next-generation cybersecurity offers real-time protection against online threats for up to three devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This 100% cloud-based program won’t slow your device down while scanning for and eliminating any viruses, including the latest malware, phishing, and cyber-attacks.

Visit Webroot’s DISH Portal for more information or to install Webroot.

Webroot Terms and Conditions

Protection Available

Webroot provides next-generation antivirus and cybersecurity protection solution that proactively protects from online threats before they can attach to your device while tuning up your computer to keep it running smoothly. Webroot detects, blocks and removes viruses, malware and ransomware while identifying and blocking dangerous websites.

Devices Covered

Webroot covers up to three devices including PC and Mac computers, iOS and Android tablets, and smartphones.

Cloud-based Protection

Webroot cloud-based protection keeps you and your family safe, wherever you connect without slowing your productivity or hogging system resources like other security software. It has a built-in system optimizer to keep your computer running at top speeds while also running lightning fast scans in the background without interruptions or device slowdowns.

Installation and Activation

Installation is a snap. Simply enter your activation code from the Welcome Email when prompted after the download and you are protected! If you need to retrieve your activation code later, visit and click "Resend Webroot Code". Download and install Webroot.

Real-Time Tech Support

(included in DISH Protect Gold and Platinum plans)

Help is just a swipe away! The Tech Advisor App offers start-to-finish fixes for any issues you have with an entertainment device. Get answers to technical issues without the hassle: just type your question then work with our dedicated support agents to solve your issue.

Download the DISH Protect Tech Advisor app:

Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play

Tech Advisor Terms and Conditions

(Included in DISH Protect Platinum plan)
Get the same real-time tech support but extend your coverage to any internet-connected device.

Tech Advisor Terms and Conditions

Available Support

DISH Protect Tech Advisor is a simple, one-stop solution to help you solve issues with all the entertainment services in your home, no matter how many devices you own. Our Tech Advisor app gives you one-click (“click to chat” or “click to call”) access to a U.S.-based expert who can help pilot you through issues with any entertainment device, service, or app – almost anytime you need it.

Notifications for Updates and Tips

  • Personalized user tips (example: how to prevent apps from crashing)
  • Proactive updates (example: newly-released updates on entertainment services and software)
  • Timely recommendations (example: recommendations for new streaming devices)

Whole-Home Device Protection

(included in DISH Protect Platinum plan)

Protect your entertainment technology, like TVs, computers, tablets, gaming systems, and more. No receipts, no hassle, just peace of mind with repairs or replacements. Coverage begins 30 days after enrollment and does not cover smartphones, pre-existing conditions, accidental damage, and other exclusions. Claims are filed with Asurion by calling 877-841-0263.

Asurion Whole Home Device Protection Terms and Conditions

Eligible Devices

  • Desktops, laptops, and tablets (minimum operating system requirements: Windows XP, Apple OSX, or Android 1.6)
  • Computer accessories
    • External monitors
    • Keyboards and Mice
    • External desktop speakers
    • Customer-provided modem
    • Router
    • External hard drives
  • LCD or LED televisions
  • Gaming systems and handheld gaming devices (including gaming controllers and other accessories)
  • Customer-supplied receivers (e.g. Roku, Chromecast)
  • Sound bars
  • Home theater speakers
  • Home theater amplifiers, subwoofers, or tuners
  • DVD or Blu-Ray players (including portable)
  • TV manufacturer remote controls
  • Universal remote controls

Coverage Enrollment and Claims

Device protection coverage begins 30 days after enrollment and covers:

  • Operational failure of your covered product
  • Mechanical and/or electrical failure of your product caused by failures due to normal wear and tear, dust, heat and humidity, power surge, and defects in materials and workmanship

Covers up to $2000 per claim with a maximum of $6000 per year. Claims require a service fee of $50.

Our Trusted Partners

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ID Recovery and Protection
Webroot: Smarter Cybersecurity
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