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Dish Pointing Angle Guide

If you use a dish that must be manually adjusted to get your DISH Outdoors service, such as a dish mounted on a tripod, you will need to adjust or repoint your dish to accommodate your new location and begin receiving signal.

Enter the ZIP Code of your new location and the model of your satellite dish to generate your exact angle:

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Want a printable copy to take with you on the road?
of azimuth, elevation, and skew angles for pointing your portable dish.

Refer to the image below to assist you with the following steps.

To set elevation:

  1. Adjust the elevation angle marker up and down to get to the correct angle
  2. Tighten the bolt just until tight

To set skew:

  1. Adjust the skew angle marker left and right to get to the correct angle
  2. Tighten the bolt just until tight

To set azimuth:

  1. Use a compass to find the correct angle and move the plumb mast (the pole on which the dish is mounted) until the dish is pointing at that angle
  2. Check your signal strength: anything over 40 is a good signal
    • To find your signal strength on a Hopper or Wally receiver, go to Menu > Settings > Diagnostics > Dish
    • To find your signal strength on a ViP receiver, go to Menu > System Setup > Installation > Point Dish
  3. Tighten all hardware
Parts of a satellite dish

Note: Azimuth is not pictured as it is a full movement of the dish based upon the compass angle rather than a movement of a piece of the dish.

For detailed video instructions on how to complete this setup, our partners at have created a comprehensive playlist of YouTube videos that outline every step of the process. View all 12 videos on YouTube.