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This issue is a result of the wrong remote being used, incorrect mode for component, weak or dead batteries, or a defective remote.

  1. Verify correct Remote being used

    Check that the remote matches the TV. Use remote key or sticker on remote to confirm. TV1 is located in the same room as your DISH receiver

  2. Check that UHF Remote Antenna is Secure/Upright

    If UHF, check that your UHF remote antenna is securely connected to the "Remote Antenna" port on the back of your receiver and that the antenna is upright.

  3. Address Remote

    To SAT: If issue is with the TV2 remote, bring your TV2 remote with you to TV1.

    Access "System Info" at TV1 . Using the remote that is NOT functioning, press and release the "SAT" button then press and release the RECORD button on remote control.

    To TV/DVD/AUX: Check for current remote codes and address remote.

  4. Check that Remote Control Batteries are Fresh

    Check that the you have recently replaced the batteries. If not, install new batteries.

  5. Reset Receiver

    If the issue is only on ONE receiver, unplug the DISH receiver for 10 seconds and plug back in.

    Please note: It may take up to 5 minutes for the reset process to be completed.

To order a replacement remote, visit