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Restore Skipped Event

There are several reasons why timers can be skipped. Below are the most common reasons a timer may have been skipped.

Event Skipped Reason Remedy for Future Events
By Priority An event from a higher priority timer is set to record at the same time as this event Set Scheduled Event Priority
By User Someone in the household chose to skip this event -
Duplicate Event This event was previously recorded - deleted from DVR -
Exists in DVR This event was previously recorded - still on DVR No remedy needed
Incorrect Event A timer was created for time-of-day and title. This event's title does not match. No remedy
Not a New Event The "New Episode" option was selected when creating this time and this event was not a new episode Set Timer Options from "New Episodes" to "All Episodes"

You can restore your skipped events using the Daily Schedule or directly from the Guide. This is only an option on the Wally when using an external hard drive (EHD).

Please select your remote to view remote-specific support steps.

40.0 Remote

50.0/52.0/54.0 Remote