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Follow these instructions if you need to set up your new replacement receiver.

  1. Unpack Receiver

    Unpack contents of box. Do not dispose of the box and protective packaging, as you will need to use these to return your old receiver.  

  2. Swap Replacement Receiver with Old Receiver

    Disconnect all cables from your old receiver and securely connect them to the same locations on your replacement receiver. Refer to the enclosed packout instructions to guide you through this process.

  3. Check Wiring - Receiver to Wall

    Check that the wiring between your DISH receiver and your wall is correct using the packout instructions included with the replacement receiver. Ensure that all connections are secured and hand tightened.

  4. Check Wiring - Receiver to TV

    Check that the wiring between your DISH receiver and your TV is configured properly using the packout instructions or the Receiver to TV setup instructions that match the type of connection cable you use. Ensure that all connections are secured and hand tightened.

  5. Check for Install Wizard

    If the receiver you are replacing is equipped with our Install Wizard (Models 211k, 222k and 722k), you can begin to follow the on-screen instructions until your receiver is activated. If you don't have one of these receivers, proceed to the next step.

  6. Perform Check Switch
    1. Press the "Menu" Button on your TV1 remote to access the menu screen.
      menu button on remote
    2. Next, go to "Point Dish" by accessing: System Setup (6) > Installation (1) > Point Dish (1).
    3. Select "Check Switch"
    4. Select "Test"
    5. If in Hawaii or Alaska, select "Alternate"
  7. Confirm Satellite Signal

    Check the meter on the bottom of your screen. Confirm that you see a green bar with the word "Locked" above it. If you don't see this, repeat steps 3 and 6 until the word "Locked" appears.

  8. Set Up TV2

    Complete this step if your receiver operates a TV2. If you don't have a TV2, you can skip to the next step.

    1. Power on your TV2 and take note of what channel appears on the screen, then return to your TV1.
    2. Next, access "Modulator Setup" from TV1 by pressing "Menu" on your remote, then accessing: System Setup (6) > Installation (1) > Modulator Setup (5).
    3. Set the "TV2 Out" to the channel noted, and then select "Done” until you return to live tv.
    4. Return to TV2 and verify video is present.
    5. If video is present, go back to TV1 and press "Cancel" until back to live TV. 
    6. If video is NOT present, click here for further assistance from one of our chat representatives.
  9. Confirm Ready to Download (Warning 055)

    Select "Yes" on the 055 message.

  10. Activate Your Receiver

    You will see a series of pop-up messages. This process will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. During this time, go to to activate your receiver. Once video is present, proceed to the next step.

  11. Program TV1/TV2 Remotes
    1. Press the "System Info" button on the front panel of your receiver. The screen below will appear:
    2. Press "Record" on the TV1 and TV2 remotes.
      record button
  12. Verify TV1 Programming

    Press "View Live TV" on your TV1 remote and verify that video is present.

  13. Verify HD

    If your receiver is connected to your TV using HD cables, access "HDTV Setup" by pressing "Menu" on your remote. Then go to System Setup (6) > HDTV Setup (7). Choose the best resolution supported by your TV, then select "Done."


  14. Verify TV 2 Functionality

    Return to TV2 and verify that your programming and your remote function properly. If you do not see any programming on your TV, repeat step 8.


If you are still experiencing technical issues, one of our expert Chat Representatives will be able to help you further.