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On Demand Movies for Purchase

Movies for Purchase

DISH offers you the ability to purchase movies, so you can watch your favorite content whenever you want, wherever you want, as long as you have an internet connection.

Watch your purchased content on your internet-connected Hopper, Wally, or Joey receivers, or stream it to your mobile devices at Not to mention, unlike many other pay TV providers, DISH lets you keep your content even if you are no longer a DISH subscriber.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find movies for purchase?

    To see all movies currently available for purchase from your receiver, press the HOME button twice or MENU button once on your remote, then select Video on Demand. Scroll down to the “Movies for Purchase” carousel and select See All.

    On, just search for your desired movie.

  • How do I purchase movies?

    Movies can be purchased through an internet-connected Hopper, Wally, or Joey receiver, or through by following these quick, easy steps:

    1. Select the movie you would like to purchase
    2. Select Buy
    3. Select your payment method
      • You will have the option to use the payment method already on file or to select “Add Payment Method” and make a one-time purchase. Using either payment method will not change the current payment method on file with DISH.
    4. Select Confirm
  • Can I download purchased content to my mobile device for offline viewing?

    Purchased content can be downloaded to any Android or iOS device for offline viewing. To download content for offline viewing, simply log in to your DISH Anywhere account and visit the My Purchases tab.

  • Can I return my purchased movie?

    All movie purchases are final and non-refundable. To prevent members of your household from buying content or viewing purchased content, check out our setup instructions for parental controls. If you are having difficulty accessing, downloading or watching your content, please contact us.

  • Can I charge the movie to my DISH account?

    Movies can only be purchased via a one-time payment and will not appear on your DISH bill. All charges can be found on your bank or credit card statement as “Dish One-Time Payment”.

  • Where can I find movies I’ve already purchased?

    • On an internet-connected Hopper, Wally, or Joey: all purchases can be found under "My Purchases" in the Video on Demand section
    • On all purchases can be found under the "My Purchases" tab at the top of the screen

    To see a history of movie purchases on your account, visit the "Movies and Shows Purchases History" tab on

  • If I upgrade or replace my equipment, will I lose my purchases?

    No, all purchases are accessed through an internet connection, meaning if you upgrade or replace an old receiver, simply make sure the new one is connected to the internet and you will be able to view your purchased movies again.

  • Can I still view my purchases if I cancel my DISH account?

    Yes, all purchases can be accessed through DISH Anywhere even if you cancel your DISH TV service. Simply use your DISH account login credentials on the DISH Anywhere platform to view your purchases ongoing.

  • Why am I unable to rewind or fast-forward my purchased content?

    Good news! This functionality will soon be made available for purchased content. In the meantime, try using skip forward, skip backward and pause functionality until we can get updates sent your way.