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Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a term used to describe different methods of content protection. All pay TV providers, including DISH, are required to apply protection like limited recording or high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) to select content to prevent piracy.

  • High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)
    • TV, HDMI cable, and all inline devices between receiver and TV must be HDCP compatible (TVs older than 2006, certain HDMI cables, and certain splitters, among other components may be affected)
    • Customers without HDCP compatible equipment will be unable to watch DRM-affected programming
    • “Attention 890” or “Attention 894” will display when attempting to view DRM-protected programming without a compatible TV and HDMI cable
    • Customers using Hopper Transfers may only be able to transfer a DRM-protected recording once