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Connect Your ViP Receiver to the Internet

Connecting your receiver to the internet gets you instant access to On Demand ordering and customer support features in DISH Home, like paying your bill. You can always connect an ethernet cable directly to the back of your receiver, or follow the steps below for setting up a wireless connection.

Netgear Model WNDA3100v2 is the only supported adapter for use with a compatible DISH receiver.

  1. Connect the Wi-Fi Broadband Connector to the USB port on your receiver
    back panel of a DISH receiver showing the USB port
  2. Select Setup on the Attention 396 pop-up
    On screen popup: to start using the wireless connection, select the setup button
  3. Arrow to and select your desired network
    on screen list of available wireless networks
  4. Select Done
    done button to the right of the list of wireless networks
  5. Enter your wireless network password
    on screen keyboard to enter password
  6. Select Done
    done button to the right of the password entry form
  7. Select Done on the Information pop-up
    on screen popup: wireless tests now complete, select the done button
  8. Select OK on the Information 397 pop-up
    on screen popup showing signal strength, select OK button