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How to Use Game Finder on a ViP Receiver

Game Finder is an app available on all ViP 722k, 722, 222, and 222k receivers that allows you to find current and upcoming games.

  1. Press the DishHOME button
    DISH HOME button on 21.0 remote (bottom left button)
  2. Select Yes on the Attention 740 pop-up
    Attention 740 pop-up on screen: select YES to load DISH Home interactive TV, with a YES button
  3. Select Sports
    Sports tab in the DISH Home banner on screen
  4. Select GameFinder
    Game Finder app in the Sports tab of the DISH Home banner on screen
  5. Select your desired sport
    List of sporting leagues in the Game Finder app, like NFL, MLB, and NBA
  6. Select your desired game
    List of upcoming games in the Game Finder app
  7. Select your desired option
    Options to watch or record selected sporting event in the Game Finder app