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Voice Commands

The voice control on the 50.0 and 54.0 remotes makes navigating through your internet-connected Hopper, Joey, or Wally system a breeze. Learn how to use the voice command functionality or take a look at a list of common commands below.

How to Use Voice Commands

On the 50.0 or 54.0 remote:

  1. Press and hold the MICROPHONE button
  2. Give an applicable voice command
  3. Release the MICROPHONE button
  4. Choose the desired result

Voice Command Examples


Search by actor, genre, movie, show name, sports team, or year.

Show: “Fixer Upper”
Sports Team: “Denver Broncos”
Movie: “Girl on the Train”
Genre: “Romantic Comedies”
Actor: “Liam Neeson”
Year: “80s comedies”
Sport: “English Premier League”

Changing the Channel

Change the channel by name or number.

“Go to channel 140”
“Tune to Starz”
“Go to Home and Garden Television”
“Tune to Animal Planet”
“Tune to channel 50”

Playback Controls

Play, pause, fast-forward, and record shows or movies.

“Skip forward” (+30 seconds)
“Skip back” (-10 seconds)
“Fast forward”
“Record this”


While watching a show, you can navigate the guide, open the home screen, and go to live TV.

Open the Guide: “Guide”
Go to Live TV: “Live TV”
Show Program Info: “Info”
Launch DVR: “DVR”
Launch Home Screen: “Home”
Launch Main Menu: “Menu”

Launching Apps

Quickly open apps like Netflix, Weather, Pandora, Game Finder, and more.

“Go to Netflix”
“Open Weather”
“On Demand”
“Launch Pandora”


Configure audio, screen magnification, and text to speech.

“Audio description on/off”
“Magnification on/off”
“Text to speech on/off”
“Go to magnification”

Change Settings

Set closed captioning or turn picture-in-picture on and off.

“Picture in picture”
“Closed captioning”

Natural Language

Speak naturally. Our voice remote will pick up on key words.

Name of Actor:
“Johnny Depp movies from the 90’s”
“Free movies starring Tom Cruise”
Name of Network:
“On Demand TV shows from Starz”
Popular Movie Quotes:
“You can’t handle the truth”
“What live sports are on right now?”