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Voice Commands

The voice control on the 50.0 and 54.0 remotes makes navigating through the Hopper system a breeze.

Example Commands


  • Actor: "Liam Neeson"
  • Genre: "Movie"
  • Movies: "Blades of Glory"
  • Shows: "Big Bang Theory"
  • Sport: "English Premier League"
  • Sports Team: "Broncos"
  • Year: "80s comedies"

Natural Language

  • "Free movies starring Tom Cruise" (name of actor)
  • "On Demand TV Shows from HBO" (name of network)
  • "Show me movies I can watch now"
  • "What live sports are on right now"
  • (name of actor) "Johnny Depp movies from the 90's"
  • "You can't handle the truth!" (other popular movie quotes)
  • (name of actor) "Eddie Murphy movies rated PG-13 and below"
  • (name of actor) "Movies with George Clooney and John Turturro"


  • "Tune to channel 140" (channel number)
  • "Tune to Animal Planet" (name of channel)
  • Launch VOD: "On Demand" (when watching a show)
  • Launch Home Screen: "Home" (when watching a show)
  • Launch Main Menu: "Main Menu" (when watching a show)
  • Launch DVR: "DVR" (when watching a show)
  • Open Guide: "Guide" (when watching a show)
  • Go to Live TV: "Live TV" (from delayed play, DVR playback, Menus, etc)
  • Show Program Info: "Info" (when watching a show)

Configure Settings

  • Picture in Picture On/Off "Picture in Picture" or "PiP" or "Swap" or "Side-by-Side"
  • Set Recordings "Record this" (when watching a show)
  • Playback "Play this" (when in the DVR screen)


  • "Skip Forward"
  • "Skip Back"
  • "Fast Forward/Rewind"
  • "Pause/Play/Stop"