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Follow the steps below to upgrade your Hopper or Hopper with Sling to the New Hopper User Interface to have access to new appearance settings, advanced search functions, and tons of information about your favorite movies and shows! (If you have a Hopper 3, you're already enjoying the new user experience.)

Select the screen that matches the appearance of your channel guide:

User Interface with accessibility features including text to speech
User Interface with limited accessibility features, not including text to speech


  1. From Live TV, press the BLUE color button
    BLUE button on 40.0 remote (far right button in a row of four horizontal buttons in the middle of the remote)
  2. Select the "New Hopper Experience" App
    Icon for New Hopper Experience app
  3. Select Next on each screen to walk through the feature previews:

    Modern Design
    Quick Help Anytime
    Improved Guide
    Binge Watching
    Home Screen
    Easy Tools for Parents
    New Hopper Experience preview screen
  4. Select Finish
    New Hopper Experience preview screen
  5. Select Finish again
    New Hopper Experience preview screen
  6. Select Upgrade Now or Upgrade Overnight.

    Note: DISH recommends Upgrade Overnight since the process can take up to 40 minutes. Place all receivers on standby before starting the upgrade process.
    Options to upgrade now or overnight

Congratulations, you're already enjoying the new experience!