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Before you hit the road…

Follow the checklist below to ensure you are prepared to take your service on the go!

Equipment Essentials:

  • DISH Outdoors receiver (with up to date software)
  • DISH Outdoors dish
  • Remote control
  • Extra set of batteries
  • Video cable to connect your receiver to the TV (for example: an HDMI, Component, or RCA cable)
  • Coax cables to connect your receiver to the dish
  • Other devices you may want to take advantage of on the go. Check out some of our employee favorites:
    • Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers
    • OTA Antenna
    • External Hard Drive (for all of our fellow movie buffs out there)

Service Necessities:

  • Access to the DISH Outdoors Self-Service Portal, available online and in the MyDISH App. All you need is a account and you’ll be able to turn your outdoor receivers on when you're ready to hit the road, wake them up if they haven't been used in a few weeks, and turn them back off when you're done using them!

Additional Support

Get directions for setting up your Tailgater or Pathway X2 portable dish.

Check out our DISH Outdoors YouTube channel for additional support videos and content.

If your receiver hasn’t been used in a couple of weeks, it may have missed the latest software update. Before you hit the road, let’s make sure your equipment is up to date by following these three easy steps:

  1. Connect your DISH Outdoors receiver to your TV and portable dish while at home
  2. Ensure you are getting satellite signal
  3. Leave your receiver plugged into a power outlet and turn it off overnight.

Updates will be sent to your receiver overnight, so you’ll be ready to hit the road by morning.