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How to Set Up Playmaker

The Playmaker is a portable dish that supports one or two receiver(s) on satellites 119, 110, and 129.

The Playmaker 2 and Playmaker Dual support satellites 119, 110, and 61.5 when running OS 2.1 or later, or when connected to a Wally receiver. Visit Winegard for help on updating your Playmaker software.

The number of receivers supported depends on the Playmaker model. Playmaker 1 and Playmaker 2 support one Wally or 211-family receiver. Playmaker Dual supports two Wally or 211-family receivers.

Playmaker portable antenna
Playmaker Dual portable antenna

Setting Up the Playmaker

Download the Playmaker Manual.

Follow these simple steps to connect your Playmaker and receiver(s):

  1. Connect one end of the supplied RG-6 coax cable to the "MAIN" port on the Playmaker
    1. If using cables wired in the RV, they may already have an exterior portable satellite input that leads to the main cabinet for TV electronics where the receiver will go. The ports there may be labeled as "SAT in" port or "Portable SAT in".
  2. Place the Playmaker in position outside where you have a clear line of sight
  3. Connect the other end of the RG-6 coax cable to the receiver
    1. If connecting directly to the receiver, use the SATELLITE IN port
    2. If using RV set up, connect your receiver to the internal electronic cabinet
  4. Connect your receiver to the TV
    1. Connect via HDMI cables, component cables, etc.
  5. Plug the TV and the receiver into power
    1. The receiver requires a 110 volt AC power source
    2. The Playmaker draws power from the receiver through the coax cable
    3. If your TV is rated greater than 100 watts, it may require direct connection to the vehicle battery. If you are watching TV from your vehicle for more than a few hours, periodically run your vehicle to maintain battery life. Starting your vehicle may temporarily shut off power and require re-setup of the Playmaker.
    4. For extended use, a portable power generator, power pack, or alternative accessory battery is recommended
  6. Make sure your TV is on the correct input to see the DISH picture
  7. The Portable/Mobile Antenna Setup Screen should display
    1. If this does not happen, connect the coaxial cable directly from the Playmaker antenna to your HD receiver and unplug the receiver’s power cable for 60 seconds before reconnecting. It may take a few minutes for the Mobile Antenna Setup Screen to display.
  8. Follow the steps on the screen
    1. If the 2-TV option has been checked during the receiver setup, the antenna will only view satellite 72.7.

Viewing Programming

The Playmaker will provide access to the channels available in your DISH programming package. Some channels, including international programming, RTN, local channels, and Regional Sports Networks, are subject to availability based on your geographical location.