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One Receiver

Two Receivers

One receiver/110, 119, 129:

In this mode, the Pathway X2 will support one receiver/TV and point to the southwest for satellite reception.

One receiver/77, 72.7, 61.5:

In this mode, the Pathway X2 will support one receiver/TV and point to the southeast for satellite reception.

Two Receiver Mode:

In this mode, the Pathway X2 will support two receivers/TVs and point to satellite 72.7 in the southeast for reception. On the primary receiver, you can select this mode and your state using the DISH remote. On the secondary receiver, you will need to do a receiver check switch test by following the Pathway X2 User’s Manual.

Receiver Connections

Most RVs already have an exterior portable satellite input that leads to the main cabinet for TV electronics (where the receiver will go). Simply connect your Pathway to the exterior input (may be labeled as SAT in port, or Portable SAT in), connect your receiver to the internal electronic cabinet, and plug into your TV. Once you power on the TV and the HD receiver, the Portable/Mobile Antenna Setup Screen should display. If this does not happen, connect the coaxial cable directly from the Pathway antenna to your HD receiver and unplug the receiver’s power cable for 60 seconds before reconnecting. It may take a few minutes for the Mobile Antenna Setup Screen to display. Follow the Pathway Antenna User’s Manual on how to set up your optional second receiver.

Powering the Pathway Antenna

The Pathway Antenna draws power from the receiver through the coax cable. The receiver requires 110VAC power source. You will need a power inverter to power the Pathway, receiver and TV from your vehicle's DC power supply (110VAC power outlet required). If your TV is rated greater than 100 watts, it may require direct connection to the vehicle battery. If you are watching TV from your vehicle for more than a few hours, periodically run your vehicle to maintain battery life. Starting your vehicle may temporarily shut off power and require re-setup of the Pathway. For extended use, a portable power generator, power pack or alternative accessory battery is recommended.

Viewing Programming

The Pathway Antenna will provide access to the channels available in your DISH programming package. Some channels, including international programming, RTN, local channels and Regional Sports Networks, are subject to availability based on your geographical location. Additionally, certain local channels and other programming are unavailable on satellite 72.7 when the Pathway X2 is used in two TV mode.

Adding DVR Functionality

You can add DVR functionality, including the ability to record and pause live TV, by attaching your own USB external hard drive to the USB port on the back of the receiver. A one-time $40 service fee will apply. For more information on external hard drives, visit