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Modem Won't Turn On

What Is Happening?

The dishNET modem has no power.

Why Is It Happening

This problem is typically caused by a disconnected power cord or an issue with the electrical outlet or modem.

How Do I Fix It?

Resolve this issue by completing the steps below.

NOTE: Never push the modem reset button unless directed to do so by a DISH technical support representative.

  1. Check the power cord

    Make sure the power cord of the dishNET modem is plugged into the electrical outlet and the back of the modem.

  2. Power Cycle your modem and bypass surge protectors

    Faulty surge protectors or power strips can introduce additional problems. Try bypassing them temporarily for testing purposes.

    Unplug the electrical cord of your dishNET modem. Wait 10 seconds and plug it directly into a wall outlet, bypassing any power strips or surge protectors.

    If power is not restored after 2 minutes, continue with the next step.

    generic power cord
  3. Contact us

    Please contact us for further assistance