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Use these steps to assist in connecting a device such as a computer, phone, or tablet, to a wireless network. Icons and naming conventions may vary by device – this page is meant only to provide general guidance.

  1. From the home screen of your device, select Settings

    If you are on a computer, you should be able to get to Wi-Fi directly from your desktop. No need to go into your settings menus!

    Settings icons on mobile devices often look like a gear. You may see something similar to these on your device.

    example Wi-Fi icon on iOS devices example Wi-Fi icon on Android devices
  2. Select Wi-Fi

    On computers, the Wi-Fi icon will generally look like one of the following:

    example Wi-Fi icon on most computers
  3. Select the Wi-Fi Network you want to join
  4. If prompted, enter the network password
  5. Select Connect or Join