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Cancel Transfer in Progress on HopperGO

The HopperGO must be connected to the Hopper in order to view transfers in progress. Your mobile device cannot be connected to the HopperGO network when transferring recordings.

These flows provide directions on cancelling transfers while multiple transfers are in progress.

Please select your device to view specific support steps.



To access your HopperGO, you must first launch the DISH Anywhere Player and connect to your HopperGO's Wi-Fi network. Visit the HopperGO Setup page to learn how.

  1. Select DVR
    DVR menu option on
  2. Select HopperGO
    HopperGO sub menu option on
  3. Scroll to the Queue and hover over the transfer you want to delete
    List of content to transfer
  4. Select "Remove from Queue"
    remove transfer from queue