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HopperGO First Time Setup

The HopperGO is a portable device that lets you bring your transferred content anywhere so you can watch your recordings with DISH Anywhere, without an external internet connection.

Getting Started

front of HopperGO

HopperGO Front Panel

Power Button:

5 second press: On/Off
20-30 second press: Reset Wi-Fi settings to default
40-60 second press: Reset HopperGO to factory default (deletes all content)

Connection LED:

White: Wi-Fi mode
Yellow: Direct connection mode
Blinking: Streaming in progress

Battery LED:

Green: Sufficient battery
Red: Charging
Blinking Red: Needs to be charged

back of HopperGO

HopperGO Back Panel

Input: charge the HopperGO and transfer content using micro-USB cable
Reset: press to reboot
Output: connect the HopperGO to a mobile device

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