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HopperGO Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do transfers take?

    Up to 20 minutes per hour of programming. To ensure quick transfers, turn on Smart Prepare for Mobile. On your Hopper, go to Menu > Settings > Timer Defaults > Smart Prepare for Mobile.

  • Why does my Hopper need to be connected to the internet in order to use my HopperGO?

    Your Hopper needs to be internet-connected in order to pair with DISH Anywhere and transfer content to the HopperGO.

  • Can the same show be viewed on multiple devices at once?

    No. Only one device can view a specific recording, but other devices may watch different recordings at the same time.

  • Can anyone watch content through my HopperGO’s Wi-Fi network?

    No. Only a user signed into your DISH Anywhere account can access content on your HopperGO.

  • Can the HopperGO connect to any Hopper?

    The HopperGO only pairs to one Hopper at a time. If you connect your HopperGO to a second Hopper, the HopperGO will be reformatted and your transferred content will be lost.

  • If I transfer a recording to the HopperGO, will it be deleted from my Hopper?

    It depends on the channel the program was on. Certain content providers limit the number of devices a recording can be held on. If the recording will be deleted upon transfer, a message will appear on screen notifying you of the deletion and confirming if you want to complete the transfer.

  • Can I connect the HopperGO to my Hopper to watch content?

    No. Content can only be watched using the DISH Anywhere app.

  • Can I connect to the internet using my HopperGO Wi-Fi?

    No. The HopperGO’s Wi-Fi network only functions as a way for mobile devices to connect to the HopperGO.

  • What is the battery life of the HopperGO?

    The HopperGO can last up to four hours on a full charge.

  • How many recordings can the HopperGO hold?

    The HopperGO can hold up to 100 hours of content.

  • How many devices can use the HopperGO at once?

    Up to five devices can use the HopperGO at one time.