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Transfer Recordings Between Two Hoppers

The Transfer Recordings feature lets you transfer recordings from one Hopper to another.

  1. Gather both Hoppers and an Ethernet cable in the same room
  2. On the remote for the destination Hopper (the one to which you want to transfer recordings), press the MENU button two times or the HOME button three times, depending on the remote
    menu button on the 40.0 remote (first button in the second row of buttons)Home button on 50.0 remote (first button in the top row of four buttons.)Home button on 52.0 remote (first button in the top row of four buttons.)Home button on 54.0 remote (second button in the top row of three buttons)
  3. Select Tools
    Receiver diagnostics menu (use the remote to move up and down the list of menu options)
    Restore Recordings selected from the receiver diagnostics tools menu (use the remote to move through the grid of menu options)
  5. Select "Select Events" on the Restore Recordings screen
    Select Events button on Hopper screen (use the remote to move left and right through the buttons)
  6. Select the events you want to transfer, then select "Start Transfer"
    List of saved recordings on the DVR, in a grid
  7. Select Yes on the Warning pop-up to continue
    Pop-up warning that any events not selected previously will be deleted
  8. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the old Hopper and the other end of the cable to the new Hopper
    Cancel button on screen, along with picture of two Hoppers connected by Ethernet cable
  9. Select Watch TV while recordings are transferred
    Progress bar showing status of recording transfer, with Watch TV button