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Google Assistant Support

Control your TV and your internet-connected Hopper, Joey, or Wally family receivers with just your voice and the Google Assistant. Follow the instructions that came with your Google Assistant for initial device set-up. Once the initial setup is complete, you’re ready to get started with DISH.

This article contains the following sections:

System Requirements

Use the Google Home app on compatible mobile devices to set up your Google Home device. Google Home cannot be set up on a computer.

  • Google Home devices Android 5.0 and higher; iOS 9.1 and higher
  • Google Assistant on Android phones and tablets requires Google app 6.13 or higher, Google Play services, 1.4 GB of memory, and 720p screen resolution
  • Google Assistant on iPhones and iPads requires iOS 10 or higher with the Google Assistant app

All compatible Google Home devices connect to dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) networks. All use the 802.11 b/g/n/ac standard. Google Home and Google Home Max require 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac access point (router).

Syncing services (such as backup) require a Google Account.

Set up the Google Assistant with DISH:

Hey guys, I’m Nadine. By pairing your Hopper, Wally, or Joey to the Google Assistant, you can enjoy hands-free TV by controlling your DISH TV with just your voice. With a simple voice command, you can change channels, play a show from your DVR, pause live TV, and more. Here’s how!

If you’re setting up a new Google Home device, make sure to connect it to your account using the Google Home app.

To pair DISH to your Google account, open the Google Assistant app on your smartphone and select the Explore icon. Select “Settings,” and then “Home Control.” Select the plus icon, and then select DISH from the list.

To get a pairing code, go to your receiver’s Menu by pressing the Home button twice or Menu button once on your remote. From here, select “Settings,” “Google Assistant,” and then “Get Code.”

Enter the code displayed on your TV into the app on your mobile device, and then select “Activate.”

Once your devices are shown, give them nicknames and assign them to the correct room within your home.

That’s it! Now, you can say commands like, “Hey Google, turn on DISH in the living room.” Or “OK Google, pause.”

Or you can change channels by saying, “OK Google, go to the History Channel.”

You can search for shows, movies, actors, and more. Just say a command like, “Hey Google, show me Tom Hanks movies on the Hopper.”

You can even turn off your receiver by saying, “Hey Google, turn off DISH.”

Visit for a full list of commands.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

  1. Access the Google Assistant App
  2. Select the appropriate Home from the drop-down
    Home drop-down on main page of Google Home app.
  3. Select Add
    Plus icon to Add device in Google Home app.
  4. Select Works with Google
    Menu option for 'Works with Google' in the Google Home app.
  5. Select DISH
    DISH listed in linked account options in Google Home app.
  6. Select the applicable receiver
    List of available Hoppers to link in Google Home app.
  7. Select Get Code on your Hopper
  8. Enter the Activation Code for your Google Assistant device
  9. Select the desired home and select Next
    List of available home locations in Google Home app.
  10. Select Move Device
    Button to move device, at bottom of Google Home app.
  11. Choose the lcoation of the device and select Next
    List of rooms or locations within the home.
  12. Select Done
    Done button in Google Home app.

Voice Commands

To begin a command, get your assistant’s attention with the phrase, “OK Google”.

How do I change the channel?

Google Assistant can change the channel if you specify the channel name or number. See below for suggested channel change command structures:

  • OK Google, change the channel to ESPN on DISH
  • OK Google, switch to ESPN on the Wally in the living room
  • OK Google, change the channel to 140 on the Hopper

How do I control the volume?

Google Assistant is able to mute and turn the volume up/down as desired. Currently, volume control is only available for Hopper receivers.

  • OK Google, volume up on Kids’ Hopper
  • OK Google, volume up by 10 on Hopper

How do I search for and play my content?

Google Assistant can perform an integrated search of the voiced keyword that returns Netflix, Video on Demand, DVR, and Guide results, if applicable. You can search for content to watch using the program name, genre, or actor name criteria. See below for suggested search and viewing command structures:

Search (results will display in the voice control area)

  • OK Google, show me action movies on Miguel’s Hopper


  • OK Google, watch "Big Bang Theory" on the Kitchen Joey
  • OK Google, play "The Simpsons" on the Master Bedroom Wally

How do I record, pause, and manage the direction of playback through my Google Assistant?

Google Assistant can set your receiver to record your favorite content and enable transport controls like pause, resume, and skip back/forward. See the below suggested playback control command structures:


  • OK Google, start recording on Joey 2
  • OK Google, record "The Walking Dead" on The Man Cave

Transport Controls

  • OK Google, pause/resume Nancy’s Wally
  • OK Google, rewind/fast forward Hopper
  • OK Google, skip forward/back on Jim’s Joey
  • OK Google, skip forward/back 40 seconds

How do I turn my equipment on/off?

You can have the Google Assistant control the power functions of your TV and DISH receiver.

Note: The “on” command will turn the DISH receiver on, but HDMI-CEC will need to be enabled on the receiver and TV for the TV to also be powered on. To enable HDMI-CEC on the receiver, go to Menu > Settings > Remote Control > HDMI-CEC. Refer to your TV’s manual or manufacturer’s tech support for assistance enabling it on your TV. Currently, the “off” command only powers down the DISH receiver.

See below for suggested on/off command structures:

  • OK Google, turn on/off the Hopper
  • OK Google, turn on/off the Joey in the bedroom
  • OK Google, turn on/off The Man Cave (nickname)

What else can my Google Assistant do with my DISH system?

Make the best of your DISH system with Google Assistant by having it launch your favorite apps whenever you want. Simply change the channel to exit the app when you are all done. (Currently supported applications: Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Game Finder, and The Weather Channel.)

See the below suggested playback control command structure:

  • OK Google, launch Pandora on the Joey in Christine’s room