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This Version of Internet Explorer Is Not Supported

We recommend you upgrade to a more modern browser.

Some options are Google Chrome and Firefox.

Certain Web Pages Do Not Load

What Is Happening?

Some web pages will load, but certain pages will not.

Why Is It Happening

This problem is typically caused by an error in the web browser or modem.

How Do I Fix It?

Resolve this issue by completing all the steps below.

  1. Try connecting to a different website

    Using your dishNET internet connection, open a web browser and try to connect to another website. If no websites will load, troubleshoot using Can't Connect to Internet.

  2. Check your data usage

    Make sure that you have not reached or exceeded your monthly data allowance. If you have, you can purchase additional data or contact us to upgrade to a higher plan.

  3. Delete temporary internet files

    Delete temporary internet files from your web browser.

    PC: on the keyboard press Ctrl + Shift + Delete, then select Clear or Empty.
    Mac: on the keyboard press Command + Shift + Delete, then select Clear or Empty.

    If these keyboard shortcuts don't work, try our more detailed instructions for deleting temporary internet files.

  4. Try a different browser

    Try to load the web page using a different web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome. If the page loads, continue using the working browser; the problem is with the browser you were using originally.

    If you do not have another web browser, continue with the next step.

    chrome browser icon safari browser icon firefox browser icon microsoft edge browser icon microsoft internet explorer browser icon
  5. Power cycle your modem

    Unplug the power cable from the back of the modem for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

    Allow the Receive light to come on steady before proceeding to the next step. If the modem lights do not come on, troubleshoot the power issue.

    The power cycle process may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

    generic power cord
  6. Power Cycle your router

    If you are using a router, unplug its power cord from the electrical outlet for 10 seconds then plug it back in.

  7. Restart your device

    Restart the device you are using to access the internet (computer, tablet, or phone).

    The restart process may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

    iPhone 'slide to power off' message
    restart option in Windows 10 start menu
  8. Try another device

    Use another device which is connected to your dishNET internet to access the web pages that will not load. If successful, the problem is the original device; please contact the manufacturer of that device. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

  9. Contact us

    Please contact us for further assistance