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Live Streaming Add-On Channels

DISH now offers a variety of channels through OTT (over-the-top) live streaming on all Hopper, Joey, and Wally family receivers. Customers with compatible receivers will need to be internet-connected and have a minimum broadband connection of 1 Mbps.

This article will tell you how to access these channels, what to do if there is a connection error, streaming restrictions, and list the available free and paid channels.

How to Access Live Streaming Channels

Navigate through the Guide

  1. On your DISH remote, press the Guide button
  2. Arrow to the desired channel
  3. Select the channel to expand the group’s channels
  4. Select the channel again to collapse the group’s channels

Search for a Channel

  1. On your DISH remote, press MENU once or HOME twice depending on your remote
  2. Select Search
  3. Enter the name of the channel or program
  4. Arrow to and select the program you want to watch or record

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Streaming Restrictions

Because live streaming channels are through an internet feed, there are some restrictions on watching the channels See below for the full restrictions:

Number of Streams

Only one internet stream at a time is allowed per household.

When you're done watching, you can then download content or watch another live streaming channel.

Example: Patty is downloading a movie she ordered. She tries to turn to one of the live streaming channels. She will receive an error message because she’s attempting to view more than one live stream. Once her movie has finished downloading, she will be able to tune to the live streaming channel.

Apps like Netflix that stream from a third party, rather than through DISH, can still be used when one of the items above are streaming.

Transport Controls

No DVR functions are allowed with live streaming channels, including play, pause, fast forward/rewind, skip, and stop.

Available Packages

The following packages are available as an add-on subscription with all English, Latino, and International core packages:



Enjoy the latest news, gossip, entertainment and more with Mexican and Central American channels such as AZ Corazon, Milenio Televisión, Canal Once and Mexicanal—plus VME Kids. Get your favorite channels from Mexico and more.



Get your favorite channels from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador and enjoy the Superliga Argentina by TyC Sports, the latest news by NTN24, VME Kids and much more.

Republica Dominicana


Enjoy your favorite channels from the Dominican Republic and more with VME Kids, Telemicro, Teleuniverso and Hola TV.



Enjoy your favorite channels from Spain and more with A3 Cine, El Financiero, VME Kids and Hola TV.

To order, call 800-333-DISH

Bonus Packs

The Arabic Bonus Pack offers a wide selection of news, religious programming, movies and entertainment for the entire family! Included at no added cost in select Arabic packages.

With the Desi Bonus Pack, bring your home closer with a wide selection of news, spiritual programming and entertainment from the Indian sub-continent. Each channel provides a unique regional focus. Included at no added cost in select packages: