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Recommended Speeds for Using Internet Services

Certain services may require higher speed connections for an optimized user experience. Internet connection speeds are measured in bits per second. A bit is the smallest unit of digital information and can be expressed as either a 0 or a 1. Bits are represented with a lower case "b."


Speed   Abbreviation
Bit Per Second - bps
Kilobit Per Second a thousand bits per second kbps
Megabit Per Second a million bits per second Mbps
Gigabit Per Second a billion bits per second Gbps


    Minimum Recommended Connection Speed
  Streaming Application/Service SD/SQ HD/HQ
1 YouTube 3 Mbps 5 Mbps
2 Netflix 3 Mbps 5 Mbps
3 Amazon Instant Video 3 Mbps 5 Mbps
4 Hulu/Hulu Plus 2 Mbps 3 Mbps
5 DISH Anywhere Video (Tablet/Smartphone) 250 kbps 500 kbps
6 Video (Computer) 800 kbps 4 Mbps
7 IP VOD to receiver 2 Mbps -
8 Pandora 128 kbps 200 kbps
9 Spotify 160 kbps 320 kbps
10 iHeartRadio 64 kbps 128 kbps
11 - 128 kbps



Typical Data Usage

The following are commonly used services that can use a large amount of data very quickly. If you have a service with a data cap, it is important to be aware of how much data you're using and how that data is measured. The grid below lists typical data usage; actual usage may vary by user and device. Internet download and upload sizes are measured in bytes. A byte is equal to 8 bits of data and is represented with an upper case "B."


Size   Abbreviation
Byte - B
Kilobyte a thousand bytes kB
Megabyte a million bytes MB
Gigabyte a billion bytes GB
Terabyte a trillion bytes TB


    Typical Bandwidth Consumed Per Hour
  Streaming Application/Service SD/SQ HD/HQ
1 YouTube 0.9 GB 2.7 GB
2 Netflix 0.7 GB 3.0 GB
3 Amazon Instant Video 0.9 GB 2.1 GB
4 Hulu/Hulu Plus 0.3 GB 1.1 GB
5 Low-Action Content in MPEG2 (DVR) 0.6 GB -
6 Low-Action Content in MPEG4 (DVR) 0.4 GB 1.1 GB
7 High-Action Content in MPEG2 (DVR) 1.7 GB -
8 High-Action Content in MPEG4 (DVR) 0.8 GB 2.2 GB
8 Pandora 60 MB 90 MB
9 Spotify 72 MB 144 MB
10 iHeartRadio 24 MB 60 MB
11 - 60 MB