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Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a term used to describe different methods of content protection. All pay TV providers, including DISH, are required to apply protection like limited recording or high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) to select content to prevent piracy.


Limited Recording (Limited Playback)

  • Events can be watched for 24 hours after playback starts
  • Events can be recorded to your DVR and saved before viewing for a limited amount of time (usually three to six months)
  • The following message displays when you attempt to view an expired event


Disabled Recording

  • Events cannot be saved for later viewing
  • "No Recording" will display in yellow on the PPV order and confirmation screens:


High-bandwidth Digital Content Protections (HDCP)

  • In order to watch DRM-affected programming, you must have HDCP-compatible equipment (TVs older than 2006 may not compatible)
  • The following message will dispay when you attempt to view DRM-protected programming without a compatible TV and HDMI cable: