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Low or No audio can be from a low volume or mute setting in the receiver, TV or amplifier. If no Audio is on the local DMA stations, TNT, TBS, Lifetime, USA, and Nickelodeon (East feed) only, it could be caused by the transmission of Secondary Audio and/or Descriptive Video. The Alternate Audio Option in the menu may not be set to English. The event or show does not contain Spanish Language or Descriptive Video. A disconnected audio cable or an individual channel outage may also be the issue.

  1. Check that TV or Stereo is not muted

    Make sure that your TV or Stereo has not been muted and that the volume is turned up loud enough to hear.

  2. Reset Receiver

    If the issue is only on ONE receiver, unplug the DISH receiver for 10 seconds and plug back in.

    Please note: It may take up to 5 minutes for the reset process to be completed.

  3. Check Receiver-to-TV Configuration

    Check that the wiring between your DISH receiver and your TV is configured properly using the Receiver to TV diagrams.

  4. Secure Receiver-to-TV Connections

    Check that the connections between your DISH receiver, your TV, and any component(s) (VCR, DVD Player, etc.) in between are secure.