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Managing Your Security Information

It is very important to us to keep your information safe and protected. Before accessing your account information either with our helpful agents or on your own through our self-serve tools, we require quick verification so that we know it’s you. Here are some helpful tips regarding your security information.

4-Digit Security Code

This is a private code to add protection against unauthorized access to your account. Along with the 4-digit code, you will submit a security code reminder as a helpful hint when verification occurs.

4-Digit Security Code: 3790
4-Digit Security Code Reminder: Childhood address

You can update your security code and reminder from your MyDISH profile.

Security Question & Answer

We provide pre-written questions for you to submit applicable answers to enhance account verification.

Security answers must be between 1-100 characters using only letters and numbers.

Security Question: Your city of birth?
Security Answer: Seattle

You can update your security question and answer from your MyDISH profile.

This security information will be used when accessing account information through our automated systems or when speaking with an agent.

Get more information regarding our efforts for consumer protection.