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complete siganl loss

Caused by poor weather, damaged cable, misaligned dish, malfunctioning equipment, or major changes in the home such as new roof, new carpeting, etc.

  1. Check for Obstruction to Dish

    Check for anything obstructing the signal to your satellite dish such as tree branches, severe rain, or snow build-up. If it is safe to do so, remove the obstruction or wait for it to pass.

  2. Reset Receiver

    If the issue is only on ONE receiver, unplug the DISH receiver for 10 seconds and plug back in.

    Please note: It may take up to 5 minutes for the reset process to be completed.

  3. Check Receiver-to-Wall Configuration

    If issue is only on ONE receiver, check that the wiring between your DISH receiver and your wall outlet is configured properly using the Receiver to Wall diagrams.

  4. Secure Receiver-to-Wall Connections

    If you are experiencing the issue on only ONE receiver, check that the connections between your DISH receiver, the wall, and any devices in between are hand tight.