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Use a different UHF band to prevent interference from other remotes using the same UHF band frequency

1. Press the SYSTEM INFO button on the front panel of your receiver. Avoid accessing the "System Info" screen using the remote, as this could cause re-addressing on both impacted remotes.
The "System Info" screen should display

2. Note whether the remote address shown in the UHF remote address box is odd or even

3. Press and hold the SAT mode button on your remote

All the mode buttons should light up

4. Use the number pad on your remote to enter a remote address between 1 and 16, that is the opposite of the address you noted in step 2. Example: if you noted an even remote address in Step 2, enter an odd remote address in Step 4.


5. Press the POUND (#) button

6. Press the RECORD button

If the steps are successful, the number entered in step 4 should display in the "System Info" screen

7. Select “Done”


The "System Info" screen should close and programming will display