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Cancel My Service

We hate to see you go and would like to be of assistance in finding the proper solution for your needs. Customers have a variety of reasons for canceling their services, so one of the following may apply.

How do I lower my bill?

Alternative packages may be available to fit your budget. We often have promotions available. Call in to see if you qualify for special deals and offers.

How do I move DISH to my new home?

We make moving with DISH easy. Check out the DISH Move-in Deal to get free installation and move-in offers like free programming and equipment upgrades.

How do I suspend my service without losing my loyalty status?

Leaving the house for a while or simply taking a break doesn’t mean you have to cancel your service. Simply call in to put your account on hold until you are ready to watch TV again.

How do I cancel my service?

Sometimes things happen and you just have to go. If this is the case for you, we ask that you break up with us over the phone.

DISH Move-In Deal: Fee will apply for installations within 12 months of either service activation or a previous move, or for installations requiring additional equipment.
DISH Pause: Available for accounts in good standing with no past due balance. Applicable promotional credits will be forfeited. Applicable term commitment will be extended by the length of time the account is paused. Account will resume with the previous programming level.