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Black screen could be related to a video problem, the TV is not powered on or plugged in or a black screen with banner issue after the banner has gone away. Do not confuse the No Signal message with the message from the receiver. Video issues could be a receiver not powered on, the TV or VCR is not tuned to the correct input or channel, bad cable, disconnected cable or incorrect cable connection.

  1. Check that All Components are On

    Check that your DISH receiver, your TV, and any component(s) (VCR, DVD Player, etc.) in between are on.

  2. Check for Current TV Channel or Input

    Check what channel or input your TV is currently on by powering the TV off then back on and noting the channel or input that appears on screen when the TV is powered on.

  3. Check that TV2 is on Correct Channel

    Access "Modulator Setup" from TV1 by selecting Menu, System Setup, Installation, Modulator Setup.

    Tune TV2 to the channel that appears under "TV2 Out" on screen (channel may appear on TV2 remote sticker).

    If still no picture, verify the mode (air or cable) that TV2 is on. Then change the modulator setup to match this mode (air or cable).

    After changing modulator setup, tune TV2 to the channel that appears under "TV2 Out" on screen.

  4. Check Receiver-to-TV Configuration

    Check that the wiring between your DISH receiver and your TV is configured properly using Receiver to TV2.

  5. Secure Receiver-to-TV Connections

    Check that the connections between your DISH receiver, your TV, and any componenet(s) (VCR, DVD player, etc.) in between are secure.

  6. Reset Receiver

    If the issue is only on ONE receiver, unplug the DISH receiver for 10 seconds and plug back in.

    Please note: It may take up to 5 minutes for the reset process to be completed.