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Error Code 981: Joey Boot Recovery

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience.

Software Error 981 bug fix: due to a recent software push intended to improve your experience, Joey 1.0 may be malfunctioning.

If your equipment does not automatically update, follow the steps below to update your software. In the meantime, you can continue watching TV from your Hopper or other non-Joey 1.0 receivers.

How do I fix it?

This issue will automatically resolve overnight, while all equipment is in Standby Mode. To update the software on your Joey immediately and begin watching television, follow these steps:

In order for your receiver to download the updated software, you will first need to cancel all scheduled recordings for the next two hours on all Hopper receivers, then place all equipment into Standby Mode. PrimeTime Anytime must be over before the update can begin.

First, cancel your scheduled recordings:

  1. Press the DVR button
    DVR button on 40.0 remote (center of the remote with a raised horizontal line on the button.)DVR button on 50.0 remote (third button in the top row of four buttons.)DVR button on 52.0 remote (third button in the top row of four buttons.)DVR button on 50.0 remote (third button in the top row of four buttons.)
  2. Select Schedule
    DVR Schedule (Use the skip forward button, located one button to the right of the DVR button, to move through the tabs)
  3. Individually select each event scheduled for the next two hours, then select Skip Event
    List of timer options (Use the remote control to move up and down through the list of options.)

Second, place all working receivers into Standby Mode:

  1. On the front of your working receiver(s), press the POWER button. Once in Standby, your receiver will display a screensaver.

    For Hoppers: the POWER button can be found behind the panel on the front of the receiver.

    For working Joeys: The POWER button can be found on the front of the receiver.
    Power button on front of Hopper receiver, behind the swing-down panelPower button on front of Wired Joey receiver
  2. Once you have followed these steps, you will see the "Warning 061" message appear within 5 minutes.

    Once this message disappears, allow an additional 30 minutes for your Joey to complete the download before resuming watching your scheduled programming.
    Warning pop-up on DISH receiver, letting you know the receiver will now download new software and not to disturb it

Once the software has updated, follow these steps to restore any timers you may have had to skip: Restore Timer