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Unable to View 4K HDR Content

If you are unable to view 4K HDR content, you may be experiencing one of the following.

  1. Your 4K TV is unable to support HDR content.
  2. You have a 4K HDR compatible TV but not a 4K compatible receiver.

Note: Standard 4K TVs are unable to support HDR programming provided by television networks.

How can I get 4K or 4K HDR programming?

To transmit 4K HDR programming, you'll need a 4K HDR compatible TV. Not all 4K TVs are HDR compatible. To see if your 4K TV is HDR compatible, visit your TV manufacturer's website.

Next, make sure you have the right equipment:

Once you have established that your TV can support 4K HDR content, you'll need to make sure you are using the proper DISH equipment. A Hopper 3 is required in order to transmit live 4K HDR programming to your TV. To see what equipment you have, see the front panel of your receiver or login to your MyDISH account and navigate to the My Equipment tab. To upgrade your equipment, contact us!

*4K HDR programming not available in Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii