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If you have programmed your Dish Network remote to control another device (TV, VCR or DVD player, etc) but not all of the remote functions work properly, you can teach the Dish Network remote to learn specific commands.


1. Ensure the DISH Network remote control is programmed to operate the DISH Receiver
2. Press and release the Menu button

The Menu screen appears

3. Select "Settings" then "Remote"

The Remote Manager screen appears
4. Select the device code option you want to learn (TV, DVD or AUX).

5. Select "Learn".

6. Select the type of learning you wish to perform.  (Note: If the remote control has something programmed in the mode chosen to learn, pop up 1009 will appear advising that all commands will be erased).

  • Add learned commands to existing code: use this option to add functionality to any missing keys when the remote code for the equipment has already been found.
  • Blank State: use this option to assign functionality to keys when the remote code for the equipment has not been previously found.  Note: This will erase all previous commands.
7. Select "Start Learning."

8. Place both the DISH Network remote and the original equipment’s remote control on a flat, stable surface.
9. Point the front of the original remote to face the small square (IR window) on the front left-hand side of DISH’s remote. Remotes must be within 4 inches of each other.

10. Press the button you want to teach on the DISH Network remote.
11. On the original remote control, press and hold the button you want learned. Note: You may need to press the button on the original remote several times for the DISH Network remote to learn the command.

If the DISH Network remote learns the command, the mode light blinks off and then back on. If the mode light blinks three times or remains lit, the DISH Network remote did not learn the command.

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for all buttons you want to learn.
13. Press any mode button on the DISH Network remote.

Commands will be saved and you will exit learning mode. (Note: To cancel without saving, do not press any buttons on either remote control for at least 20 seconds).