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DISH Presents: The Spokeslistener

I’m not a spokesman. I’m the Spokeslistener.

And I’ve heard what you’ve been saying about TV – because I listen in an industry that doesn’t. And I’m fighting for every TV-loving man, woman, and child out there.

NFL RedZone from NFL Network

“I love the NFL. I just don’t want to fork out hundreds every year for it.”

“DISH gives you the best of football at the best price, with NFL RedZone.”


“I wish it was easier to watch all the big games at once.”

“Now you can. Only DISH lets you watch four channels at the same time in crystal-clear HD.”

Amazon Echo Dot

“I’d love it if I could tell my TV what to do.”

“Actually, you can. Get Hands-Free TV™ with DISH + Amazon Alexa, and control your Hopper with your voice.”