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What's Happening With Your Channels

All TV providers pay networks to broadcast their channels to you, the customer. DISH fights harder than anybody to combat the rising costs of TV programming.

Our Promise

  1. We fight harder than anybody to combat the rising costs of TV programming.
  2. If you’re ever impacted by a dispute with a channel owner, our team will work around the clock to find solutions to bring you the TV you love.
  3. As negotiations progress, we will keep you informed day or night on this site.
  4. We believe in giving our customers choices. This is why we let you decide if you want to pay us for local channels, receive them free with an over-the-air antenna, or drop them altogether.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how DISH is taking a stand over increased fees... and why switching isn't the answer!

Why do disputes happen?

In order to be able to provide you with your programming, we must have agreements in place with channel owners. We work day in and day out to make sure there are standing agreements in place so your service is not interrupted. When contracts come up for expiration, we work for new deals that guarantee you'll have your channels for a long time to come.

However, sometimes these channel owners try to force us into unreasonable contract terms - such as extreme rate increases that we cannot agree to. At DISH, we constantly work to bring you programming at a great value.

What happens if there's not an agreement?

We work hard to ensure that we are able to reach agreements, however, if channel owners cannot negotiate reasonably, and a new agreement is not reached, we no longer have the rights to carry this content. It's unfortunate that channel owners choose to block programming important to you. We much prefer for negotiations to be resolved behind the scenes, so you're never directly affected.

How often do disputes occur?

We must have agreements with owners of every channel that we provide and every contract expires at varying times. We're happy to say that we have agreements with hundreds of channel owners which allow you to watch your favorite programming uninterrupted. Unfortunately, there are instances when the programmers use removal of your programming as a negotiation tactic while we work toward a new agreement.

Why should I not switch providers?

Unfortunately, disputes between pay-TV providers and channel owners are not uncommon within the pay-TV industry. All pay-TV providers face disputes with channel owners. In fact, just last year there were over 200 channel blackouts across the pay-TV industry. That is why switching your pay-TV provider is not the answer. Switching gives channel owners validation of what they are demanding and encourages them to raise rates. That ultimately drives up the cost for everyone. Sticking with DISH tells channel owners that they need to be reasonable and fair.

Are there other ways I can get my missing local channels?

You may be able to receive your missing station with an Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna. OTA reception is dependent on geography and signal strength. To learn more about receiving locals through an OTA antenna, or to see if your address qualifies, please visit

Are there laws to protect me from disputes?

Current laws do not protect you from experiencing these types of disputes. Deliberate channel blackouts have become so frequent that both Congressional leaders and consumers want them ended once and for all. To take action, visit the American Television Alliance and tell Congress to revisit outdated laws that govern this unfair process and allow channel owners to use disputes to extract unreasonably high fees.

Channel Questions or Concerns?

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