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Nobody else does this. Most only do occasional weekends.

Month-Long Free Previews

Animal Planet

Animal Planet - Channel 184

Thu, 04/28/16 - Tue, 05/31/16

Always available in America's Top 200

Animal Planet immerses viewers in the full range of the animal kingdom with rich, engaging, high-quality entertainment, information, and enrichment. Animal Planet taps into the instincts that drive us with stories and characters that resonate with the human condition.


TLC - Channel 183

Thu, 04/28/16 - Tue, 05/31/16

Always available in America's Top 120

TLC engages and entertains with insightful programming that transports viewers into the authentic lives of real-life extraordinary characters you can learn from. TLC programs are entertaining, unfiltered, and always reveal something worthwhile.

DIY Network

DIY Network - Channel 111

Thu, 04/28/16 - Tue, 05/31/16

Always available in America's Top 200

DIY Network, from the makers of HGTV and Food Network, is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. Currently in more than 58 million homes, DIY Network's programming covers a broad range of categories, including home improvement and landscaping.


BabyTV - Channel 824

Thu, 04/21/16 – Tue, 05/31/16

Always available in Heartland Pack

BabyTV is the world's leading baby and toddler network from FOX, for children aged 4 and under and their parents, airing 24 hours a day and completely commercial-free. BabyTV features top quality, original & exclusive shows that are created by child development experts and designed for child & parent to enjoy together. Each hour on BabyTV is an enriching journey full of stories, songs, rhymes & loveable characters.